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'' Pad Printing ''

We offer Pad Printing in Germany, but it doesn’t mean we don’t provide Pad printing to other countries or cities in the world.
Instead in this page, we have focused Pad printing in Germany, and we have another page called Pad Printing explaining about the general process of Pad Printing.

If you are searching for a reliable and effective way to print small and intricate designs on curved or uneven surfaces, we have the perfect solution for you called Pad printing.
Our innovative pad printing process utilizes a soft, silicone pad that expertly picks up ink from an etched printing plate and smoothly transfers it onto your choice of material- be it plastic, metal, or glass. Versatile and adaptable, our pad printing process is designed to meet all of your printing needs, no matter how specific they may be. Whether you require printing on buttons, keychains, or medical devices, bottles, glasses, screens, pins, our pad printing process is the perfect way to bring your ideas to life.

With a variety of machines available to suit your needs, from simple manual presses to fully automated systems, you’ll always achieve excellent results, regardless of your level of experience. Furthermore, our pad printing process is a cost-effective solution, ideal for smaller to medium-sized print runs. With the ability to handle complex and highly detailed designs, you can be sure that your final product will always exceed your expectations.

Pad Printing is a printing method what we offer to our clients no matter for a small or large quantity orders. One of the benefits of pad printing is low cost in production, however it limits your printing colour to one colour, and for more colours, you must repeat all the printing steps again.

Pad printing is a great solution for branding water bottles, To Go coffee mugs, or for printing a logo as round printing on a pen.


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Pad Printing in Germany 

Pad Printing in Germany

'' We offer Pad Printing services in Germany for most of our promotional products and branding products ''

Pad Printing is a great printing solution for round surfaces and also for flash surfaces.
Pad Printing can be used on Notebooks, Metals, Aluminum, plastic, Wood, textile and other materials. Generally Pad printing is one of the greatest printing methods for branding promotional gift items in small and large quantity orders.
Researches showed us, that the first transfer printing plates for pad printing were created from copper and were meticulously engraved by hand. Pad printing is also good for more details printing designs and logos.
The difference of Pad Printing and screen Printing is the amount of details you can print with Pad printing. With Screen printing you might not get many details such as Pad printing, which makes screen printing hard to choose for small logos, or detailed graphics.

One more thing to remember about pad printing is the size of printing in pad printing. Usually a small surface can be printed and we don’t recommend to use it for bigger surfaces of printings.

We offer Pad Printing in Germany to small and big companies. No matter what project, what order, we only use pad printing for branding our own products, merchandise, giveaways and promotional gift items. Pad printing also doesn’t have a long delivery time depending how busy our printing department is.

2 Reasons why to choose Pad Printing

1- Durability
Pad printing stays for a long time. It doesn't remove easily, which makes Pad printing for a longer time.
2- Low cost Production
Cost of production is one of the most important point for big job orders, which plays the main role for bigger companies by ordering.
Many prefer to order more in quantity instead of getting better quality. Off curse not all the brands and companies, but depending on your brand and company goals, your might consider about the printing cost for your next advertising gift items or giveaways.
Which Pad Printing will be a great option for saving on printing cost and still get a perfect and top looking printing result.

Depending on your strategy, Pad printing can be one of the best printing solutions for your advertising products. However depending on your request, what are you looking for, what are you willing to pay, who is your target customers, and where is your target customers based.
Pad Printing may not be listed as Luxury printing method, how ever you are bale to print almost any design no matter with how much details, but still we don’t list it as Luxury and best printing method for branding and give-aways

Generally Printing your logo on promotional gift items can make your brand to be remembered by your clients and customers. But again, you may consider and first know the reason of your order. In this way you may choose a better items with better printing method. The problem is, some of clients think that any promotional gift item with any printing method can give the message to their client, which this is not right. you have to know always first your customer and to find out how much are you willing to invest for your giveaway. Your might order a 0,60 € Plastic pen for a client, or a 500€ Carbon Pen from Hugo Boss.
For this reason, we advise to our customers, always to get a free consultation before they order or decide for their advertising.