Stamp Making


Stamp Making

We design, create and produce your Stamp in any color, size and shape at! Create your own Stamp with top prices and fast shipping!

We offer stamp making with:
✓ Fast Shipping
✓ 100% Custom Made Designs
✓ Top brands
✓ Custom Size

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Order Your Stamps!

Choose your stamp with 100% Custom Designs, and order it in
3 simple steps at
We Make your own Stamp with best quality!

Choose Your Stamp

Step1: Choose your stamp body, You stamp Sizes, Your stamp Colour, and your stamp Shape! Place an order!

Design your Stamp

Step 2: Either you send us your own design, or send us the details you want to have on the stamp, we design it for free for you!

Get Your stamp

Step 3: By confirming your stamp, Production starts and your stamps gets ready for delivery! You will get your stamp on your door!

Order Stamps at him-ad

Order your own Stamp at hmi-ad with all in one design and printing opting at top prices!

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Order your Stamp with Express option and get it within 48 hours!

Are you in hurry and looking to order your stamp in Germany?
No worries at all. We at HMi, offer you express Stamp making and shipping services in Germany within 48 hours only.
We make your stamp on your demand with different shapes, colors and layouts.

Our Top seller Stamps!

4 of our top seller stamps with custom made signs and top deals at him-ad

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Shiny Stamp

Shiny 50x 30 mm

trodat-stamp-58x22-mm_ Order professional stamps from trodat in Germany to HMi--order-trodat-stamps-in-Germany-on-hmi-ad-website-

Trodat Stamp

Trodat 58 x 22 mm

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trodat R45 - Trodat round stamp making in Germany with HMi | Order round stamps in Germany to hmi-ad

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most in common and frequently asked Questions about Stamp at hmi-ad!

Most frequently asked questions about ordering stamps in Germany on | order your stamps on hmi-ad | hmi offers marketing and advertising products in Germany

We offer all in one stamp making service to our clients at HMI.
At HMi, we never try to be the cheapest, instead, we design your layout, finalize it with you over what's App, mail, or in person in our sales office without taking any time from you, and for sure without any extra costs. 

Depending on your business type, you need to have standard details such as Logo, Business name, Legal Business type, Telephone number, Mail Address, Website, Fax Numbers and any other information you would like to have personally.
Many use a QR codes on their stamps which makes you customer job easier to visit your website or calling you. Depending on the QR code you add on your stamp.
Still need help for your Stamp Designing, just type in " Order Stamp " in What's app and one of our sales agent will help you more!

Depending on your need, you can choose your stamp color at
The most ordered Stamp color at hmi-ad is Black, Blue, Red.
We suggest you to order Black or Blue color if you are ordering a regular stamp and if you are ordering a stamp for confirming or approving, we suggest you to order in red color.

Depending on the time of the year and the season you are ordering, usually we design and make your stamp within 3-5 working days.
Again, depending if we get your order confirmation, payment confirmation and the details you want on your stamp on time.

Make Stamp in Germany!

Order your own Stamp in Germany at hmi-ad and get your stamp designed by Professionals.
You might find many companies offering stamp making at cheap prices,
but you have to create your own design and upload it on their website in order to be able to place an order.


In some other websites you get the option of designing your own stamp online
with automated designs, saved and ready made designs and limited changing options.


We at HMi always think to make changes into the marketing and advertising world by offering better services,
therefor we have thought
• Why shall you waste time on creating your stamp online?
• Why shall you make a design for your stamp by your self and waste hours on that?
For making a right stamp design you must notice many points such as right size, special formats,
converting your design into 1 color, using licensed fonts and icons and many other thing.
• Why Shall you know all of that to place a simple standard stamp online?


That's why we at HMi, offer you full custom design stamps with professional designing services
to make sure you get your stamp in a professional way very simple and uncomplicated from anywhere in Germany!

We design your Stamp at HMi!

Send us your details and informations by simply typing it on word, or in contact us form, in what’s App message, or by drawing your design on a piece of paper and send it to us.
Our professional Graphic designer team will turn your idea and your concept into a real design and send you back for confirmation, by confirming your end design we start the production of your custom made stamp.


at HMi we don’t charge you per word, per line, per character, or on the amount of information you like to have on your stamp.

Icon Designing at HMi GmbH | start professional marketing in Germany on hmi-ad website | HMi-ad graphic team offer professional Designing services in Germany

Want to get more information about HMi?

Visit our Profile and portfolio website to learn more about HMi, and get more information about our goals,
business concepts, ideas, our services, and our history on

ordering a customized stamp offers practical benefits, increase your professional image, and provides opportunities for professional branding. Whether for business or personal use, a custom made stamp can streamline your tasks and leave a lasting impression on recipients in most cases.
Customized stamps are great marketing elements, as they cost between 20€ to 50€, they have become one of the best marketing and branding products which every business and every company owns at least few of them.
In HMi-ad we offer you stamps from different brands and different qualities, to make sure you get what you need from one professional hand.
We offer better quality stamps with better designs and stamp bodies at higher prices and standard stamps in fair prices!

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At HMi we offer you professional Consultation in order to help you the best matching products for your needs with top prices. To find the best stamp matching your needs, you must first read and get information about Stamps in General, you have get information about how many stamp shapes and bodies are more used in the market, and in the last part you have to first know what informations you want to have on your stamp.

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Why to order stamp for your business?
Stamps in General, are a must for every business. In our opinion you have to help your business to look more professional in your market, meanwhile with all type of branding and marketing elements. Stamp is one of the branding elements you might have for your business to look more professional.
in addition, it cost you only 30-40€ to order a standard professional looking stamp with your business name and logo.
so, its better to ask why not to have you own custom made stamp!