Trade Fairs in Germany

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Trade Fairs and Trade shows in Germany

Trade Fairs and trade shows in Germany are very in common, as Germany is one of the most powerful Industrial,  economic and technology country, so is normal to have biggest trade shows in World in Germany.
Germany has over 9 billion visitors annually for fair trade shows and exhibitions. 

4 Reasons why Germany has the most Trade Fairs

4 Reasons Why Germany has many trade shows, exhibitions, and seminar.
Its good to know what Germany has +9 billion of visitors for trade fair shows in a year.

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Exhibitions in Germany

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Trade Fairs and Trade Shows in Germany

As the research shows us Germany had the following numbers of visitors for trade shows and exhibitions in last 10 years:

2022: +5.3 Billion
2021: +1.3 Billion
2020: +2.1 Billion
2019: +9.9 Billion
2018: +9.5 Billion
2017: +9.7 Billion
2016: +10.5 Billion
2015: +9.7 Billion
2014: +9.7 Billion
2013: +10.1 Billion
2012: +10.1 Billion

Number and figures are mentioned from Statista

Numbers of Visitors every year for trade shows in Germany shows us, how Germany plays a main role in Trade shows Globally.
Serving annually +10 billion trade show visitors and exhibitors needs a lot of sources, Hotels, Cars, public transports, restaurants, bars, clubs, and many other things.

Many believes that Germany has the most visitors for trade shows and exhibitions in world. After the world wide pandemic of Covid-19, Germany got the lead for most trade fair shows in World with the total number of over 180 International trade fair shows and 22 thousand exhibitions and trade fairs shows in General.


The top 3 Trade fair shows in Germany

The top 3 Exhibitions and trade shows in Germany

Heimtextil Frankfurt

One of the biggest trade fair shows in Germany for textiles with +3000 exhibitors and near to 100k visitors.

ITB Berlin

The world leading trade show for tourism, with over 10.000 Exhibitors and near to 160k of visitors.

IFA Berlin

The Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) is the world’s largest electronics and technology exhibition.

Other information about trade fair shows!

How big is the trade show industry in world?

Researches shows us that the Industry of trade fair shows or exhibitions are more than 77 Billion Euro annually. As the statistic says, United States of America has a record of $20.5bn.

It’s hard to find a correct answer for this question, but we have calculated all the estimations from different countries to find an approximate number as a result.
Trade fair shows and exhibitions are one of the biggest industries in the world which attracts many visitors and business many, many investors and consumers together all in one place.

Imagine how important to present your self in a huge industry called trade show and exhibition industry. How much can cost you a promotional gift items and a giveaway in a trade show, and how important it can be for your marketing.

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What is the difference between a trade show and a trade fair?

One of the most in common questions by our clients is, what is the difference between trade show and a trade fair show in General?

Trade shows and trade fairs serve as valuable platforms for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential customers.

However, there are subtle distinctions between the two. A trade show
is generally a larger-scale event that spans multiple days, bringing together various companies from a specific industry to exhibit their offerings.
It typically includes educational seminars, demonstrations, and networking opportunities.
On the contrary, A trade fair
is usually a smaller-scale event that focuses on a specific niche or industry.
Trade fair show may only last for a day or two and is more localized in nature.

The key difference between trade shows and trade fairs lies in the scale and scope of the event.

Trade shows in Germany

Trade shows in Germany are very in common. Many people travel to Germany because of the trade shows taking place in different cities, towns and exhibition halls.
Trade shows can help business to build a better connection between the supplier and the consumer.

How Trade shows has affect the businesses in Germany is another reason why Germany has became one of the leading countries in this field world wide.

Knowing well how to attend and which trade show to attend, how to promote your self and your company, is one of the most important challenges that you might face during attending a trade show. 

HMi advertising and marketing agency is one of the best solutions for you if you are attending a trade show as a visitor or as an exhibitor.

How much to Invest for Giveaways in a Trade Show?

Some questions cannot be answered without enough Information. This question is exactly this type of questions which our clients ask us a lot.

They usually want to know how much to invest for advertising in a trade show, which its really hard to give a straight answer to that.
Depending on your company, the event you are attending and the budget you have for marketing can the answer be different.

If you are a new startup business and brand, you might make sure to invest well for marketing to be know more. Another way to answer this question is to give some numbers,
Lets say it in this way, We believe you have to Invest 50% of your revenue in Marketing every single year if you are planning to grow and make more sales.

How Important is to attend a trade show?

It is very important for every business to attend this type of events, if they plan to grow and expand their business no matter if Internationally or locally.

Some believe that Trade shows are only great if you want to expand your business as International, however we say no.
Imagine you are offering a special product, service, or even a special quality of something, how important might be for your business to be found by international companies?

We know that there are many researches that they are looking right now for your services and products, which they might not be able to find you online while your business was made with the goal of local service provider. This is one of the most important reasons, why attending in trade show can really affect your business.