Cheapest Promotional gift items Germany

Cheapest promotional gift items in Germany | Cheapest promotional gift items | Cheap promotional gift items with HMI GmbH

Cheapest Promotional gift items in Germany

Printing your logo on giveaways is a great way to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Discover the different options and considerations for printing logos on giveaways to maximize your marketing impact. We offer the cheapest promotional gift items in Germany, not because of the quality, instead we have made some offers for clients who are looking for budget saving promotional gifts to order.

Cheapest Promotional gift items are the most inquired products on our website.

Looking for affordable and effective promotional gifts? We have gathered some of the cheapest items that can still make a big impact such as pens, keychains, notepads, magnets, stress balls, and tote bags. These items can be personalized with your company logo and handed out at events, trade shows, or as a thank you gift to your clients.

By giving a useful and trend branded items, you are increasing brand awareness and creating a positive association with your business. Plus, these items are budget-friendly and won’t break the bank.

We offer not only price affordable promotional gift items, we also offer special prices to clients who are looking to order a larger quantity of merchandise. You might also get special fares for your next orders if you order several times to us. We keep our returned customers in a priority list to make sure they get special customer services and special prices in most of the times.

3 Price affordable Promotional gift item Offers!

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x500 Pcs of Promotional Bottle opener

Top offer, 500 peaces of 100% Stainless steel bottle opener, nice finishing, included 1 color print on 1 position, free shipment and fast production in Germany.
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x500 Pcs of Promotional Bottle opener

Top offer, 500 peaces of Aluminium made Promotional bottle opener with bottle shape, included laser 1 color printing on 1 position, free shipment and fast production in Germany
promotional anti-stress ball with logo in Germany | Promotional Anti stress ball with best price in Germany | Promotional gift items in germany with logo | hmi-Gi2905402 |

x1000 Pcs of Promotional Anti-stress Ball

Another Top offer, 1000 Pcs of Promotional Anti-stress ball included 1 color printing on 1 position, Free shipping and fast production in Germany with top price!

Promotional Gift items

Biggest brands in world use daily promotional branded products, some of them sell the items, and some give them to their clients as gift.

We have listed 3 of our promotional cotton bags with different sizes, quality and finishings!

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Standard Cotton Bag

Price affordable Cotton Bag made from 100% cotton material with natural colour finish. With long handles and stitched finishing | Starting from 0,97 € only
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High quality Promotional Cotton Bag

Great and top quality shopping bag in 100% Fairtrade cotton (180 g/m²), with 70 cm long reinforced handles. | starting from 1,15 € only
Order shopping bag printed with logo in Germany to HMi GmbH | Order promotional cotton bag printed with logo to hmi gmbh | awe offer fast shipping and best quality cotton bags in Germany

Large size Cotton Bag

Long handle promotional Cotton bag with long reinforced handles, made from 180g cotton material, available in 5 colours | Starting from 1,07 €

Why to order Promotional gift items branded with your logo?

Promotional gift items can help your brand to stay in customers mind and attract more attention in market. Ordering your own promotional gifts can help your brand to look special into your customers eyes. Imagine what impact has a full branded packaging for your products or giving away a gift items with order to your clients.


Why to giveaway promotional gift items in fair trade shows to visitors and your customers?

It has many different reasons. One of the most important reason is to get the chance of free advertising opportunity by the customer. Imagine you give a promotional lanyard printed with your logo in a fair trade show to a client. They can easily promote your brand by using it in the event, or by keeping them for their next time use. Every time they use your printed lanyard for them self, they are automatically promoting your brand and business. 

There are many more reasons to invest on marketing products, which another reason is to stay in your customers mind for a longer time.


How much to spend for promotional gift items annually for my business?

Another common question is to know how much to invest for marketing products.
This needs a simple calculation. As you make more sales, you need to invest more in marketing and promoting your brand to more people.
Some companies and brands, provide services at back of businesses. Such as IT companies, or suppliers. They might not be very known in the market by end users, which they also must not concentrate on advertising for end users.
instead they have to see what their business partners need, or how they can attract more companies to make business with them. Therefor, we provide a large range of promotional gift items not only for end users, also for business partners.
This is why we never can give a fix amount for investing to order promotional gift items annually. First we have to know your business type, your customers, yang the type of products or services you offer.
For a short answer to this question, our experts believe any amount between 8.000€ – 15.000 € promotional gift items per year can bring you a great result of sales.

Promotional Phone Ring

One of the best trends in promotional gift items industry, is Promotional Phone rings.
It can be made from any material and also in any shape.
We offer over 50 types of Promotional Phone rings with different materials, and finishings.

Promotional gift items can help our brand to boost sales, but if you use the right promotional product, and if you order trend promotional products can still help your brand much more than usual. Phone rings are great, and perfect gadgets nowadays. Researches shows us that on biggest online shops such as Amazon, Phone rings are ordered daily in all over the world.
So why not to have you own Phone ring printed with your logo for a small amount?!

Promotional Paper Shopping Bag

Promotional paper bags are another type of useful promotional gift items that can be used everywhere and all the time. People will carry your printed promotional paper bag for carrying their own stuff, which they will make a free advertising for your brand by simply walking in town.
Paper bags are provided by most of the brands in the world. If you purchase at clothing stores, fast foods or electronic shops, you will get a free paper bag printed with their logo. In some Shops and brands, you might get an offer to pay and extra fees to get a stable nice paper bag printed with their logo.
This shows how useful and important is to have your own promotional paper shopping bag for your business.
You can order promotional paper bags starting from 0,55 € printed with your logo in one color in Germany.

Promotional Cotton Bag

One of the best on-budget promotional gift items, is Promotional cotton bags. Promotional cotton bags can be in different colours, sizes, materials, quality, and finishing. Depending on your budget, you can find a cheap and price affordable promotional cotton bag starting from 0,49 € per piece printed with your logo.
Promotional cotton bags can be used almost every where, and its a very useful promotional product which gets a lot of positive impacts from our customers.
You can also order a premium cotton bag, with a better quality or branded with a special printing. We offer both options to our clients, the cheap and price affordable promotional cotton bag, and also premium type of promotional bag.
We stock more than 1 million pieces of cotton bags in Germany with different sizes and qualities for faster turnover time.

5 Reasons to order Promotional Gift items!

  1. People like to get gifts, specially if it will be for free!
    Free gifts, always works! No matter what age, what country, what religion, and what will be the purpose. Experience shows us, almost every where in world, free promotional gift items has the power of turning a normal visitor to a real customer in most of the cases.
  2. Promotional gift Items can be also used for your own staffs Branding!
    Its very common to order your own promotional gifts and print your logo on them and keep using it by your own staff. It looks more professionally, and still it can affect your business in many different ways. We believe having your own printed promotional products will help your brand to look more special and professional.
  3. It can make you more sales!
    Many companies, offer free promotional gift items with purchasing over an amount of their products. In this case, promotional gift items printed with your logo can again help your brand to get more sales directly. Depending on your brand, product, services you offer, you must offer a related gift item to your customers to connive them to accept your deal.
  4. Low cost advertising and marketing method!
    Yes, Promotional gift items are a low cost advertising method for your business. You can order 1000 peaces of promotional pens printed with your logo for 399,00 € only, which it can affect your sales more than what you invest. in other marketing method, 399,00 € might not be enough budget to start even a simple marketing campaign.
  5. Promotional Gift items has more affect than other marketing methods!
    A commercial On radio, on TV, or on high way billboards will pass after few seconds, and might be also used in a short period of the years. Which useful Promotional gift item can be used almost everyday in standard.
5 reasons to order promotional Gift items | Why shall I order promotional gift items | 5 reasons why to order promotional products | HMI GmbH

Promotional Products

''How Promotional Gift items help your Brand''

Promotional Gift items can help your brand in many different ways. It can give your brand value, which it give you more sales in result!

By creating a value for your business. In many case having your own promotional gift items can give value to your business or brand, which it will help your brand awareness also.
You can find this sentence everywhere on Internet, while many people think that the only reason of having Promotional gift items is this.
We at HMi, will help you to find more detailed reasons of why promotional gift items can help your brand.

Principally Promotional gift items are product which will be ordered in larger quantity, with any brand but printed with your logo. The purpose of having promotional gifts or merchandise is to print your logo on them. You cannot print your logo on iPhone, or Samsung smartphone. 
Instead, you might order a promotional car holder for any smartphone printed with your logo.
With ordering promotional phone holder for your clients, you give the feeling of being important to your customers. They get the feeling that you have thought about their needs, or lets say you have though about your giveaway instead of ordering simple promotional plastic pen.
In many cases, giving a special being important feeling to your customers, make them to purchase your product easier, or to make business with your brand.

Phone Holder was only an example of a great useful promotional gift item, it can be any product.
Any product, with the option of branding and not any product particularly.
Promotional gift items suppliers such as our company, focus more on importing, stocking and offering different products with the option of printing. 
Means, we offer you a phone charing cable with no brands mentioned on the item, for your logo to be printed and presented your your customers with the goal of advertising.

Cheapest Promotional Gift items in Germany

3 things which you don't get by ordering cheapest branded promotional Gift items in Germany!

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Cheap promotional gift items, and most of the cheapest printing products does not have a good quality as their prices are mostly to low. We always say, there is a reason why a gift items is cheaper than other ones.
Cheapest Promotional Gift items in Germany page on hmi-ad | Order customized promotional gift items in Germany to Hmi GmbH in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH in Germany

Finishing & Packaging

Cheapest Promotional gift items, does not contain a nice, high quality or professional looking finishings and off curse they mostly are packed in 1 carton without single packaging as they are saving budget products.
Cheapest promotional gift items branded with logo in Germany on hmi-ad | Order individual gift items with logo in Germany to HMI GmbH in Düsseldorf

Life time

By ordering cheapest promotional gift items, you never get a long life time as other standard gift items. Cheapest giveaways are mostly made for less time usages and they dont have a long life lasting in most cases.

Looking for the absolute best value for your hard-earned money? Look no further than our extensive collection of cost-effective promotional gift items in Germany!
Our selection of budget-friendly products will help you save even more. Don’t hesitate – order today and start watching your savings grow exponentially!

You can save your marketing cost by ordering cheapest promotional gift items branded with your logo in Germany, however we never suggest our clients to do so.
If you are looking for a promotional gift item to use it for 1 day, or only during an trade show then you can consider ordering cheapest promotional products in order to promote your business!

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HMi offers top prices on big orders no matter what quantity, and how fast. With over 35 years of experience, we are product to say we supply promotional gift items with and without logo.

3 cheap promotional gift item ideas to order in Germany:
Customized coasters are practical and come in various materials, including paper, cork, or even eco-friendly options. They provide a good surface for displaying your company logo.

Bottle Openers: Compact and practical, bottle openers are often appreciated as promotional gifts. They can be designed in various styles and materials.

Hand Sanitizers: Especially relevant in today’s context, small bottles of hand sanitizers with your company’s branding can be a useful and appreciated giveaway.
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