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'' Digital Printing ''

Digital Printing is one of the most useful of Printing methods nowadays, which can process with no printing plates and low setup cost depending on size, quantity and quality.

High quality, printing in different sizes, and fast printing time are the other benefits of Digital Printing. However the printing cost doesn’t let this method to be the best method for higher quantity order. Digital Printing uses a color management system which keeps printed images looking the same as their original in most of the time using a special large Pantone calors for it self.

Digital Printing has an old history and it started in 1439 by a German businessman ”Johanees Gutenberg” when he started production of books, and the first digital printing machines came to the market in early 1990’s. Digital Printing is usually being used for commercial and study matters.

Digital printing has revolutionized the way prints are created. This relatively new printing technique involves printing digital files onto various substrates, such as paper, fabric or plastic, using a digital printer. Unlike traditional printing methods, such as offset printing, digital printing doesn’t require printing plates or cylinders, which makes it more flexible, less time-consuming, and more cost-effective. The benefits are numerous: digital printing offers shorter turnaround times, high-quality output and customization, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to advertising, marketing, publishing, and personal printing needs. Advancements in technology have also enabled digital printers to produce prints with greater accuracy, speed, and eco-friendliness. In conclusion, digital printing is an incredibly versatile, efficient and cost-effective method for creating high-quality, customized prints that meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications.


Image source is Wikipedia: Digital Printing

Digital Printing in Germany

'' We offer Digital Printing services in Germany ''

Digital Printing in Germany is being used in different methods and fro different occasions.
HMi GmbH is one of the top 5 companies who offers Digital Printing services and products in Germany with over 34 years of experience in Printing.

No matter what size and what type of printing products you need, we as HMI GmbH offer you fast, and reliable prices and printing products for your next event in Germany.

We have started our company in 2018 with a small printing facility to make sure we deliver onetime and to be first hand in printing for our customers, which we have developed our company to Düsseldorf and served small to big companies around the world and specially in Germany.
Our professional graphic designer team will make sure to deliver you design and pre print files to make sure you get the chance of viewing your files before going to print at most of the times (depending on your order type and product).

For printing products in Germany, you might not need even to visit a company to order or start your project. In most cases clients contact us and order their printing products online, and our sales team will get back to them as soon as possible to make sure the client gets their needs on time with best fair prices in the market.

We always say to our clients, that digital Printing is not cheap in the price compare to the other printing method but it has a fast turnover and we might offer you Digital printing method if you have less time or you need your order fast as possible.