UAE Metal Keychains in UAE Logo 7 Lines Design


  • Material: Metal | Item Size: 39 x 29 mm | Item Weight: 0.015 kg
  • Available in Readystock.

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1000 15.5 kg 30 x 24 x 18 cm
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UAE Metal Keychains in UAE Logo 7 Lines Design

UAE Metal Keychains are small decorative items that are attached to keys or keyrings to make them easier to identify or to add a personal touch. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal. Keychains can be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, from simple and functional to ornate and decorative.

In addition to serving as a way to identify keys, keychains can also be used as promotional items, souvenirs, or gifts. Many businesses and organizations use customized keychains with their logos or slogans as a way to promote their brand. Keychains can also be used as souvenirs to commemorate a special event or location, or as gifts for friends and family members.

Overall, keychains are a small but versatile accessory that can serve a variety of purposes and add a bit of personality to everyday items like keys.

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 39 x 29 mm
  • Attached: Keyring
  • Colors: Silver

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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 3.9 × 2.9 cm
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