Promotional Tech Gift Sets with Brown Cardboard Gift Box

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Promotional Tech Gift Sets GS-057: Contains 4 products as listed beside. packed in a cardboard gift box with a cushion inside for product protection and better presentation.

Gift Sets Combination

  1. Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Speakers v5.1 (SKU: SPK-BM4-WHT)
  2. Bamboo Wireless Fast Charging Pads 15W (SKU: WCP-BM6-WHT)
  3. Car Phone Holder with Wireless Fast Charger 15W (SKU: WCC-BM3-WHT)
  4. Foldable Phone Stands with Adjustable Height & Angle (SKU: MPS-08)

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Promotional Tech Gift Sets

An approach to corporate gifting and promotional tech gift sets that is thoughtful and up-to-date, and that includes eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers, bamboo wireless charging pads, auto phone holders with wireless charging, and foldable phone stands, will appeal to an audience that is knowledgeable about technology. This package is comprised of a number of discrete components, each of which offers a distinct collection of advantages.

Version 5.1 of Bluetooth speakers that are kind to the environment (SKU: SPK-BM4-WHT): They are environmentally friendly. Not only are these Bluetooth speakers at the forefront of technological advancement, but they are also conscious of their impact on the environment. Because version 5.1 permits communication that is both dependable and quick, you can consider them to be an environmentally friendly product. It is a good alternative for businesses that want to encourage environmental responsibility because of its ecologically friendly design and the possibility of employing materials that are sustainable. This makes it an outstanding choice. Because of their portability and high sound quality, these devices are ideal for both audiophiles and sound professionals who take pleasure in listening to audio content. They are also ideal for music lovers who like listening to audio content.

Bamboo is utilized in the production of the WCP-BM6-WHT wireless fast charging pad, which is a wireless fast charging pad that consumes 15 watts of power. Technology and environmental responsibility are brought together in these wireless charging stations. The structure of these products is made of bamboo, and they are equipped with the capacity to provide 15W of rapid charging. This enables compatible devices to be charged in a timely and effective manner. Bamboo is a material that has an organic appearance, which calls attention to a commitment to producing things that are environmentally friendly and gives a touch of beauty to the product. The fact that they offer a charging experience that is uncomplicated and does not require the use of wires makes them perfect for usage on a desk, whether it be in the office or at home.

Because of its versatility, the WCC-BM3-WHT is an indispensable piece of equipment for employees who are constantly on the move. A wireless fast charger with a power output of 15 watts is included in this car phone holder, which also serves as a holding device for mobile devices. Users are able to charge their phones in a comfortable manner without having to use their hands by utilizing this multifunctional device, which serves as both a safe phone holder and a 15W rapid wireless charger. This allows users to charge their phones while navigating or making calls. In addition to making travel more pleasurable on a daily basis, it is a wonderful addition to this technology gift bundle due to the fact that it is practical.

This item has the number MPS-08 Phone Stands that are able to be folded up and have their height and angle adjustment capabilities modified: These folding phone stands are an excellent choice because they are among the most practical and adaptable goods that can be acquired for usage in the home or business. The height and angle adjustments that they offer make it possible for you to have the finest viewing experience possible, regardless of whether you are using them for web browsing, streaming content, or making video calls. A big selling point for these gadgets is the fact that they are portable and simple to operate, which is especially appealing to people who use smartphones on a regular basis.

The combination of these elements results in a variety of technologically advanced products that are not only fashionable but also functional. Recipients who are worried about the environment will like the fact that many goods, such as Bluetooth speakers and charging pads, place a big emphasis on being ecologically friendly and sustainable. The recipients will appreciate this. Both the folding phone stands and the wireless charging vehicle phone holder offer a useful function that can be utilized while the user is on the move. The foldable phone stands are designed to increase usage in stationary settings. Not only does the gift box serve as a considerate offering, but it also serves as a proclamation of support for technical growth and sustainability. This is because the gift package contains a variety of products. The kind of gift package that has a wide variety of applications would be very well received in commercial settings, at technological conferences, or as a component of a program that rewards employees for their efforts. This kind of gift package has a wide range of other applications as well.

Tech Gift Sets Combination

1. Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Speakers v5.1 (SKU: SPK-BM4-WHT) | 2. Bamboo Wireless Fast Charging Pads 15W (SKU: WCP-BM6-WHT) | 3. Car Phone Holder with Wireless Fast Charger 15W (SKU: WCC-BM3-WHT) | 4. Foldable Phone Stands with Adjustable Height & Angle (SKU: MPS-08)

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Laser Engraving | Screen Printing | UV Printing

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